Suppliers & Service Providers

Are you aware...

Whether suppliers and service providers realise it, institutions:

  • Discuss the quality of the service you provide amongst themselves
  • Collaborate with each other when deciding to source new suppliers and service providers
  • Change together to achieve economies of scale which also benefits suppliers and service providers.

Can you afford not to choose us?

Rated Educational Suppliers and Services is created and run by decision makers working in educational institutions. 
Thus membership with us means membership with decision makers who work alongside other leaders in other institutions. This provides suppliers and service providers the avenue they need to promote their goods and services directly with education settings.


To cater for your differing needs, we offer three types of membership : Gold, Silver and Bronze 


  •  Following our authenticity checks you will be awarded with our verified Supplier and Service provider badge. This provides all educational institutions confidence that you are a legally functioning organisation in the UK
  •   The ability to claim your profile by adding your logo and other essential company information. 


  • Enjoy all the benefits of Bronze membership
  • Access to our Messaging feature which allows you to respond to reviews and message individuals from educational institution’s directly
  • Access to your own dashboard where you can update your profile as often as you wish
  • Access into your profile insights which provides important statistics, for instance the number of profile views   
  • Use of your rating on your own website
  • Use of reviews on your own website
  • Enjoy all the benefits of Bronze and Silver membership
  • Access to our Contracts Finder page where educational institutions advertise their procurement needs and Gold members can contact these institutions to source new business
  • Access to our Members Benefits page 
  • Feature your services and updates on our social media platforms

Rated Educational Suppliers and Services does not simply send mass mail hoping someone will respond. We are decision-makers across educational settings, eager to work with suppliers and service providers.

Let’s face it, cold calling institutions is a time consuming business!

You can become a member for FREE with Bronze membership but to better make use of our platform we encourage you to become either a Gold or Silver member.

What are you waiting for? Explore our membership options and join NOW.

All members must abide by our Code of Practice so please take time to familiarise yourself with them.

Gold Members Have Access to the Latest Contracts and Openings
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