About Us

Created for and by decision-makers in Education

Rated Educational Suppliers and Services is created and run by a network of decision-makers: Headteachers, Deputies, Governors, School Business Managers, Teachers, Special Educational Needs Coordinators, Safeguarding Leads, Teaching Assistants, Support Staff and many others from early years’ settings right through to universities with a common goal to provide a platform of authentic reviews of goods and services provided by suppliers to aid colleagues in procurement and contract management.

Equipped with authentic reviews, we assist our colleagues from varying institutions around the UK to select the very best when making significant decisions on which suppliers or service providers to proceed with. We:

  • Understand financial constraints
  • Understand the need for quality, reliability and durability
  • Understand the frustration of investing in solutions that just do not fit
  • Understand the importance of safeguarding

Rated Educational Suppliers and Services is:

  • An open environment where educational institutions share which suppliers and services providers are being used across their settings to meet their needs
  • An avenue to promote the suppliers and service providers used. Many of whom do not receive the spotlight they truly deserve.
  • A place where educational institutions share the experiences of suppliers and service providers
  • An environment where educational institutions can collaborate on a greater scale to gain savings in procurement across a wider network.
  • A platform for Silver and Gold suppliers and service providers to better understand educational settings in order to meet their needs by evaluating their profile insights and use their ratings as well as reviews to gain new business.

Thus Membership with Rated Educational Suppliers and Service means partnering directly with decision-makers in institutions, a platform to market goods and services.

We believe in high standards of quality thus all members must observe our Code of Practice

Gold Members Have Access to the Latest Contracts and Openings
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