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To get the most out of our services we encourage you to become a member. Membership is FREE for all individuals in educational settings and Suppliers and Service providers. However to better make use of our platform, we encourage suppliers and service providers to become Silver or Gold members.

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Rated Educational Suppliers and Services is created by a network of educational leaders, teachers and support staff from early years’ settings right through to universities with a common goal to provide a platform of authentic reviews of goods and services to support colleagues all over the UK with decisions related to procurement.

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Our Contracts Finder page enables Suppliers & Service providers with Gold membership to access contracts advertised by educational settings in the UK.

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Created by Employees in the Education Sector

Rated Educational Suppliers and Services is created by Leaders, Teachers and Support staff in the education sector passionate about assisting our colleagues from varying institutions around the UK to select the very best when making significant decisions on which suppliers or service providers to proceed with.

Membership with Decision Makers

Rated Educational Suppliers and Services is a platform created for employees in the educational sector and suppliers and service providers that cater to them. Decision makers in educational institutions are able to make informed decisions from authentic reviews provided by colleagues across the UK. Suppliers and service provides benefit by gaining greater insight into educational settings in order to meet their needs as well as using ratings to gain new business.

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Rated Educational Suppliers and Services is free for all educational institutions to join. Suppliers and Service providers can also join for free but we encourage becoming either a Gold or Silver member.

Gold Members Have Access to the Latest Contracts and Openings
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